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Grape Varieties

The Médoc is undoubtedly where the Cabernet Sauvignon best expresses its character. When this grape variety is planted in our deep gravelly soils, it constitutes the very backbone of our wines and ensures their ageing potential. The greatest of our vineyard’s terroirs are reserved for this elite grape, which covers 67% of the estate. As for the Merlot, this earlier variety does exceedingly well on our cooler soils, making up 28% of the vineyard. Then for the final touch, the complexity of our wines is heightened by the 5% of Petit Verdot planted on our most prestigious soils.


Our white wine vineyard covers 7.5 hectares (19 acres) and is planted with Sauvignon Blanc (60%), Sauvignon Gris (20%) and Sémillon (20%).

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